İlhan Kaymak, I Attended Many Trainings to Improve Myself

Ilhan Kaymak talked about the importance of creativity and innovative studies and their place in the studies in the field of hairdressing, he also gave the following words in the explanations on the subject: “No matter what sector it is, following the sectoral developments closely, prioritizes successful work. Based on this idea, I shaped my working life. I have been in this sector since I was 14 years old and I am in an active working life. I have been active in the sector for about 24 years. Being in the sector for a long time allowed me to gain experience and increase my knowledge. I can say that everyone who will work in the field of hairdressing should improve themselves and gain experience is important.”

Existence of Innovative Trainings In The Field Of Hairdressing

Underlining that there are many trainings available in the field of hairdressing, İlhan Kaymak stated that he also participated in many trainings: “You know, in some departments, more important than studying at a university is to participate in the courses offered in the field. Many people who want to grow up in the field of hairdressing can be included in the training programs offered. There are many different categories in the field of hairdressing. Haircut, hair dyeing, hair styling are some of these areas. Gaining competence in each field is important in order to stand out in the sector.”

Sectoral Developments Should Be Followed Closely for Studies That Make a Difference

Ilhan Kaymak, emphasizing that it is very important to follow sectoral developments closely, concluded his statements on the subject with the following words: “As you know, every sector experiences various changes due to technological developments. This makes it necessary to closely monitor the sectors in it. Together with our expert team, we follow the developments in the sector closely and improve ourselves in many areas. We also take firm steps towards providing an innovative and quality service to our customers and ensuring customer satisfaction. Expanding our service network further and adding new ones to our creative works are among our main goals.”