Care Recommendations for Curly Hair

The hair Needs To Be Dryed By Removing Wetness

Stating that it is necessary to remove the wetness of the hair, İlhan Kaymak talked about the importance of drying after the wetness is removed: “Another thing to consider in curly hair care is to remove the wetness of the hair after the shower and then dry it. After removing the wetness from the hair with the help of a towel, conditioner should be applied. In this way, the hair will be much easier to shape.”

Blow Drying at High Temperatures Is Inconvenient

Ilhan Kaymak discussed the drawbacks of blow-drying at high temperatures and concluded his statements on the subject with the following words: “High heat causes weakening of the hair strands. This is a negative situation in terms of the volume of the hair. If possible, ensure that the hair is dried naturally. If this takes too long, hair dryers should be done at low temperatures in a blow dryer. Shampoo, hair care creams and the preferred comb used in curly hair care also have an important place. Since the right hair care ensures that the hair gains a voluminous and bushy appearance, these issues need to be considered.